Fairy Orbs 

1:144th scale houses in 5 1/4" glass globes with living plants.

Succulents thrive in these fairy orbs when placed
near a sunny window!  All materials used inside the
orbs are certified non-toxic and environmentally

For the time being, the orbs can only be purchased
from me locally, or when I have them at a show, as I don't
have plant shipping permits.  In the future I may
make the houses, orbs, & planting list & instructions
available together as "kits" for those who would like
to create special habitats for their own little fairies.

Please feel free to contact me if interested, give
comments or suggestions, or just to say hello!



  Orbs contain mushroom & root (or tiny tree stump) houses, as well as some with more "traditional" housing.


This little root house was a special project which included lights....and you can see the fairy peeking out through the window.
(plastic plants - I took photos before putting it in the orb)


Another little house with lights - the switch is hidden in a "rock".  This one has stained glass windows too!


Someone sent me this pic of part of my display at the TMS show - as you can see,
the orbs can either be placed flat or hung up for display.


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