Making a Quarter Scale Candy Corn House

First of all, I don't recall that I was the one who actually ATE the pie,
but nonetheless, I ended up with an empty pie container from a
fast-food restaurant.....
When Fall rolled around and the excitement of Halloween was in the
air, I saw the container in my studio and thought it might make a nice
little candy corn dwelling.  So, here is a record of my progress -

The container.
Empty of pie, but
full of possibilities!

I'm going to use it as a mold
for paperclay, so first I want to get
rid of the ridges on the inside.

I cut cardstock to fit into the sides
and taped them in place with
double-sided tape and some
masking tape.

Next I drew around the container
to get a pattern for the bottom, cut these
pieces from cardboard and taped them in place.

I then used more double-sided tape to cover
the inside of my mold with plastic wrap.

I rolled the paperclay out to a 1/8" thickness,
then laid it into the mold and pressed it to fit.

This was set aside to dry.

and then removed from the mold.

The edges were trimmed, and the pieces
were sanded to make sure they fit
together nicely.

You can see in the photo where I drew all over
the inside of the piece planning the inside layout.
After measuring the inside dimensions to make
sure I had enough room in scale, I decided I could
put two floors in.  Mostly, I wanted to do this
because I love itty bitty stairs.

I just "happened" to have some dry paperclay
pieces in the studio, so I cut the base and floor
from those, after first making cardboard patterns
and trimming those until I figured out the size
and shape I needed for cutting the paperclay.

One half of the molded piece was added to the
base by building up a small platform with fresh
paperclay and sticking the piece to it.

The floor was glued in, then more paperclay was
added to seal the edges.
I marked out the door and window openings and
cut those out as well.

I added the second floor with another cutout of
dry paperclay, and set the piece aside to dry.

When the piece was dry I decided that I didn't
like that ugly space under the floor.
I cut out more paperclay to fill in the space,
and then had the thought that it would be a good idea
to weight the base.

So I filled the empty space with sand

Then glued in the dry paperclay piece and
filled in all the gaps with fresh paperclay.

I also filled some of the gaps beneath
the piece and the base.

and started on the stairs and front.

and, that's about where I'm at.  Will update this page as I make progress on the house
within the next week or so.......

Updates -

I realized (mostly from looking at the
picture above) that my window was
not straight at all, since I attempted to
cut it along the lines of the bottom of
the form rather than straight with the base.

Now I am using a highly technical and
sophisticated marking tool to align
the bottom of the window properly.

I'm starting to lay out the stairs for
the interior, and thought you all
would enjoy seeing another one
of my high-tech devices, my
"sculpting table" which is a coffee
can with a ceramic tile on it,
set on a cheap turntable.
This gets the piece up to eye level
so I can work on it more easily.

I have started to sculpt the front
stair railing, it still needs a lot
of work!

I like to make up stories while I'm working
on things.  I imagine that a tiny witch (a nice
one who makes candy corn) lives here.  She's
only about 5'2" inches (in scale).

I realized while I was laying out the steps that
the little witch might be able to go up, but if
she has any of her tall monster friends over to
visit, they will only get about two steps up
before they bump their heads on the ceiling!
....I know this because I made a little cardboard
cutout of a 6' monster, held it with tweezers, and
walked it up the stairs!   Can't have that!  So I've cut a larger hole in the second floor, following
the curve of the stairs.

and I'm still working on laying
out the interior stairs and railing.

Yes, I said I love little stairs, but
I stopped having fun making them
about 20 minutes ago.....
decided I needed a break so I
uploaded the pics.

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