Creating Flat Sheets of Paperclay -

You will need:

- 2 sheets of plastic grid.  This is the type of grid panel used as an insert for
fluorescent lighting fixtures.  It comes in fairly large sheets, but can be easily cut to
more manageable sizes with nippers or a saw.

- 2 wood strips in the thickness you want your finished paperclay sheet
to be (I'm using 1/8" square strips in the example).  The paperclay sheet will be
slightly thinner than the strips, since it shrinks a small amount while drying.

- plastic wrap
- masking tape
- rolling pin
- twist ties
- thin fabric strips.  The purpose of the fabric is to avoid grid marks in the clay -
Just about any fabric will work, as long as it is made of a material that will allow air to get to the clay.

- Creative Paperclay

Tape a piece of plastic wrap to your work surface, then tape the wood
strips on either side of it - make sure that the strips are not spaced
farther apart than the width of your rolling pin.  If you are using thin wood
strips, make sure to tape along the sides so the strips don't spread out
under the pressure of the rolling pin.

Put a lump of paperlcay on the plastic wrap, lay another sheet of plastic
wrap over that, and start rolling.  Lift and turn the paperclay occassionaly to
avoid it sticking to the wrap.  Continue rolling out the clay until your rolling
pin is flush with the wood strips (the paperclay isn't getting any thinner, the
rolling pin is riding along the wood strips).

If desired, cut paperclay to size by running the BACK of your craft
knife through the clay (using the back allows you to do this without
cutting through the plastic wrap or into the table :) )

Next you'll need your fabric strips.  Below is a pic of what I use.  I'm not a
"fabric person" but I think this is called "tuille" ? I would call it gauze.
Anyhow, I took a picture of it because it is so thin you won't be able to
see it very well when it's placed on the grid.

Place a strip of fabric on one of the plastic grids, then carefully lay
your paperclay sheet on top of that.  Place a second piece of fabric on top of the paperclay.

Un-tape the wood strips from your work surface and place them on either
side of the clay & fabric.

Now place the second plastic grid section over all of this, so you have
a "sandwich" of fabric, wood, & paperclay between the two plastic grids.
Using the twist ties, secure the sandwich together by putting a tie
through one of the sections on the top piece of plastic, past all layers, and
back up through the bottom piece of plastic.  Attach as many ties as
necessary to hold the grids securely.

Set aside until paperclay is dry.

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