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Steve was born and raised in El Paso, Texas.  He is an electronics designer and
consultant in the field of electronic design automation.  Steve began his electronics
career in the United States Air Force working on digital flight simulators.
He continued in the technology field, working on numerous processes including
epitaxial reactors, ion implanters, plasma etchers and other semiconductor process
areas, as well as setting up a laboratory to perform accelerated life testing and
failure equipment.  Before entering the electronics industry, Steve spent time
sailing the "high seas" while working on a shrimp boat.

Tori was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona.  She had a diverse career in industries
ranging from printing and nursing to marketing and proposal preparation at a mining
engineering firm.  She began her art career at an early age, garnering her first professional
work as an advertising designer at 15.  She won several awards for artwork throughout
grade school, and her first national award, "The National Scholastic Press Craftsman
Award for Excellence in Illustration" at the age of 16. She has continued to gain recognition
for her work in illustration, graphics and design.  Tori's art career has covered a wide range
of media and technique - including commercial art, tattoo designs, murals, displays,
illustrating children's books, greeting card art, rubber stamps and even custom auto painting.
Tori and Steve began creating miniatures together in 1999. Together they design and
create animated scale miniatures for collectors around the globe.  They have enjoyed giving
numerous seminars, classes, and lectures on animation and special effects, as well as how-to
demonstrations on making miniatures from Creative Paperclay.

Steve and Tori also enjoy off-road adventures, camping, kite flying, wildlife, reading and science.

Their daughters, Catherine and Jessica, are all grown up and off experiencing life on their own.

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